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Introducing The Joel VanEaton "Three-Pack" On-Demand
Webinar Discovery Series
(Plus Keep Reading for Details on a 4th Webinar as a Free Bonus Gift)

Bring our nation's leading MDS 3.0/RAI/PPS expert Joel VanEaton, RN, BSN, RAC-CT into your building in this series of three on-demand webinar presentations. Here, for your convenience, Mr. VanEaton, is ready to deliver the kind of quality information nursing facilities need to stay on top of important reimbursement data and related facts/late breaking changes and revisions from CMS. Best of all, because these are on-demand webinars, you can watch and re-watch them as often as you wish, plus you get all of the power-point slides and handouts that Joel uses during the presentations.

Plus, as part of this package, you also receive an exclusive DVD where Joel VanEaton presents an introduction to each of the webinars to get you ready to view them.

You receive the following:

Webinar #1: "CMS Updates the Nursing Home Compare Web Site"

This webinar will cover a detailed analysis and a thorough review of the CMS revised rating system on the Nursing Home Compare web site, plus you'll discover how these revisions will affect the 5 Star quality rating system.  Key subjects to be addressed

  • What you need to know about these revisions
  • How to achieve a high rating under these revised guidelines
  • Why these revisions have occurred

These are major changes and you'll want to get up to speed on what these are and what you need to know to make sure your nursing facility both takes advantage of and doesn't fall behind in this key area!

From here Joel will close examine The Quality Measures and the 5 Star Rating and cover the following associated subjects so you tie in the new CMS revisions and put them to maximum use for your facility's future success:

  • The Three Elements of Your 5-Star Rating and What's New
  • What Quality Measures Affect Your 5-Star Rating
  • How do Quality Measures Affect Your 5-Star Rating
  • Why an Understanding of the Quality Measures Can Best Prepare Your Facility for the MDS Focused Survey

Webinar #2: "The MDS 3.0 Focused Survey 2015"

From CMS: Findings from the 2014 demonstration surveys include inaccurate staging and documentation of pressure ulcers, lack of knowledge regarding the classification of antipsychotic drugs, and poor coding regarding the use of restraints. Deficiencies were identified and cited on all but one survey (i.e., 24 of 25 surveys). CMS has also indicated that the Quality Measures may also be targeted as they are self-reported areas where MDS miscoding can occur. This is critically important information, which warrants your attention.

In this presentation, Joel will key in on the MDS Focused survey process and what you should do right now to prepare. During this webinar, Joel VanEaton will:

  • Discuss The MDS Focused Survey Process
  • Detail the Key Areas of Concern
  • Provide Guidance on How Best to Prepare
  • Review The MDS and F-Tags, what to look out for
  • Provide The Latest  MDS 3.0 RAI Manual Revisions

Webinar #3: "Quality Measures 2015- Are You Ready?"

BREAKING NEWS: The Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Measures are getting ready for some big changes. CMS is adding new quality measures that will affect your bottom line. Are you ready? Failure to readily understand and then put this information to work on your nursing facility's behalf will negatively affect your building's operation.

Join noted MDS and Reimbursement expert Joel VanEaton, RN, BSN, RAC-CT for an in depth look at the current measures and what to expect for FY 2018 and beyond. During this webinar Joel introduces you to the current 18 Quality Measures on nursing Home Compare, How the MDS impacts the Quality Measures most impacted by the MDS focus survey, plus proposed Quality Measures for FY 2018 and beyond.

Mr. VanEaton will also:

  • Discuss The New Quality Measures from CMS
  • Detail the Key Areas of Concern
  • Highlight What You Need to Know
  • Provide Guidance on How Best to Prepare and Implement These Changes

Please note: These are on-demand webinars so you can watch and re-watch them as often as desire. You'll receive the webinar via e-mail which contain links for you to click and immediately start again you'll also be e-mailed all of the power point slides and handouts that Joel refers to during the presentations.

As presented live, these three webinars cost a combined total of $387.00. However for a very limited time, you can order this webinar three-pack for the investment of just $199.95, a savings off almost 50% off the original price for these webinars. Plus if you act now, you'll also receive as a free bonus gift, an additional webinar:

Bonus Webinar #4: "Get to Know Your PEPPERs

Many MDS folks in nursing facilities, along with those who work with them continued to get burned by their PEPPERs! Sadly this important material has either been misunderstood or misinterpreted, and the result has been a loss of revenue for our nation's nursing homes.

This may be happening in your facility, and you don't even know it!

As you may know, the TMF Health Quality Institute under contract with CMS compiled another series of reports for every nursing facility in the country related to the six (6) areas within the SNF prospective payment system that CMS considers to be at risk for improper payment.

The CMS has concurred with the OIG that a large number of SNF claims have been paid in error and are looking for ways to correct this issue. While the PEPPERs this year detail FY 2014 data, understanding what your PEPPERs say about your facility is a must. Join Noted Clinical Reimbursement Expert Joel VanEaton for an in depth analysis of the 2015 PEPPER reports. In this webinar Joel will explain:

  • What the PEPPER reports are
  • How to interpret your PEPPER data
  • How to use that data to enhance your facility process

This webinar also carried with it a price-tag of $129.00 however it comes FREE with your investment. Plus you'll also receive the power-point slides that Joel used with this presentation. In all you receive $516.00 worth of webinars for the investment of $199.95 plus the slides and handouts. Order now!



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