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ECP Comprehensive MDS 3.0-RAI Manual Package- "Silver Edition"

Nursing facilities with a need to best understand and utilize this material will appreciate the investment in this package.  In addition to the MDS 3.0-RAI Manual on a downloadable disk, the three-ring binder and tabs to organize your data, you'll also receive Joel VanEaton's tutorial DVD to best understand and use this important information.  Plus you'll get updates FREE for a year.  This package features:

  • Tutorial DVD detailing the contents of this package and a second tutorial DVD of the PPS Scheduling Calendar (a $59.97 value)
  • Compact Disk containing the entire Downloadable MDS 3.0 RAI Manual
  • 3-ring binder with chapter division tabs
  • Free 1 year subscription to all Manual updates ($69.95 value-  Annual subscription renewal fee is $69.95 fee thereafter for continuous CMS updates)
  • Compact Disk containing the entire ECP MDS 3.0 Toolbox including the MDS 3.0 PPS Scheduling Calendar,  RUG IV Rate Tables, CAT Crosschecker, and Color Enhanced MDS 3.0 Data Set (a $109.97 value)

Please click below to watch some sample footage of Joel VanEaton's Tutorial DVD on the contents of this package:

All told, these components have a total value of $239.89 however for a limited time you may get this package for only $159.97, a savings of 33% off!



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