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ECP Comprehensive MDS 3.0-RAI Manual Package- "Deluxe Edition"

Dollar for dollar, this is as good an investment as you'll ever make for your nursing facility!  Here you get all of the features of the manual (documents printed out and segmented via tabs in a study three-ring binder plus you receive a disk with the materials to download into your computer); plus FREE  "forever" RAI Manual updates from Extended Care Products as soon as CMS posts them; plus nationally known MDS 3.0-RAI expert Joel VanEaton's tutorial commentary on DVD which outlines and pinpoints the contents of the MDS 3.0-RAI manual package; plus a personal copy of Joel's OMRA Handbook, and many other items.  In all you'll receive:

  • Tutorial DVD detailing the contents of this package, and a second tutorial DVD of the PPS Scheduling Calendar with Joel VanEaton (a $59.97 value)
  • Complete Printed copy of the ECP Comprehensive MDS 3.0-RAI Manual (note: The Deluxe Edition includes this material in printed form)  
  • Free “Forever Subscription” to all future MDS 3.0-RAI Manual updates (normally $69.95 per year- i.e. 3 years total savings of $209.85)
  • Compact Disk containing the  Downloadable MDS 3.0 Manual (this is sold separately as part of package valued at $169.97)
  • 3-Ring Binder with Separate Chapter Section and Appendix Division Tabs
  • The Complete MDS 3.0 Toolbox including the MDS 3.0 PPS Scheduling Calendar,  RUG IV Rate Tables, CAT Crosschecker, and Color Enhanced MDS 3.0 Data Set (this unit sold separately at $109.97)
  • Complete printed Copy of the ECP MDS 3.0 Toolbox including Facility Specific Individualized RUG IV Rate Tables, CAT Crosschecker, and Color Enhanced MDS 3.0 Data Set  (purchased separately this toolbox sells for $109.97)
  • Printed Copy of the OMRA Handbook including free future Handbook updates (sold separately for $84.97)
  • Plus we pay your shipping and handling expenses (a $25.00 value)

Please click below to watch some sample footage of Joel VanEaton's Tutorial DVD on the contents of this package:

Please note that purchased separately the above items have a total value of $809.67.  However for a limited time you can get the ECP Comprehensive MDS 3.0-RAI Manual Package “Deluxe Edition” for $379.97 a total savings of a 55%!



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