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Introducing The Joel VanEaton "Three-Pack" On-Demand Webinar Discovery Series

Bring our nation's leading MDS 3.0/RAI/PPS expert Joel VanEaton, RN, BSN, RAC-CT into your building in this series of three on-demand webinar presentations. Here, for your convenience, Mr. VanEaton, is ready to deliver the kind of quality information nursing facilities need to stay on top of important reimbursement data and related facts/late breaking changes and revisions from CMS. Best of all, because these are on-demand webinars, you can watch and re-watch them as often as you wish, plus you get all of the power-point slides and handouts that Joel uses during the presentations.

Plus, as part of this package, you also receive an exclusive DVD where Joel VanEaton presents an introduction to each of the webinars to get you ready to view them ... [more]

ECP Comprehensive MDS 3.0-RAI Manual Package - "Deluxe Edition"

Dollar for dollar, this is as good an investment as you’ll ever make for your nursing facility! Here you get all of the features of the manual (documents printed out and segmented via tabs in a study three-ring binder plus you receive a disk with the materials to download into your computer); plus FREE ‘forever” RAI Manual updates from Extended Care Products as soon as CMS posts them; plus nationally known MDS 3.0-RAI expert Joel VanEaton’s tutorial commentary on DVD which outlines and pinpoints the contents of the MDS 3.0-RAI manual package; plus a personal copy of Joel’s OMRA Handbook, and many other items. In all you’ll receive: ... [more]

ECP Comprehensive MDS 3.0-RAI Manual Package - "Gold Edition"

This package is an outstanding opportunity to bring these vitally important materials into your nursing facility at great value! In addition to the MDS 3.0-RAI Manual on disk for you to download (complete with all updates via CMS sent directly to you FREE for the next two years), you'll also receive from the manual's developer- nationally known expert Joel VanEaton, a tutorial DVD outlining the contents of the MDS 3.0-RAI Manual Package, and many other features: ... [more]

ECP Comprehensive MDS 3.0-RAI Manual Package - "Silver Edition"

Nursing facilities with a need to best understand and utilize this material will appreciate the investment in this package. In addition to the MDS 3.0-RAI Manual on a downloadable disk, the three-ring binder and tabs to organize your data, you'll also receive Joel VanEaton's tutorial DVD to best understand and use this important information. Plus you'll get updates FREE for a year. This package features: ... [more]

The O.M.R.A. Handbook
The O.M.R.A. Handbook The O.M.R.A. Handbook

Extended Care Products is pleased to provide you with this essential reference tool. Compiled by nationally known MDS 3.0-RAI expert Joel VanEaton, BSN, RN, RAC-CT, CPRA, now for the first time those seeking this vitally important information can find it in one centralized resource. No more hunting around through several documents in numerous locations to find exactly what you need! Save time and the aggravation which comes when you can't find what youre exactly looking for. There is increased potential for lost revenue for your facility or company when the OMRA rules are not understood and readily accessible. The O.M.R.A. Handbook affords you:

  • Speedy access to the complex array of sophisticated instruction governing the requirements for timing, scheduling, completion, payment implications, combination guidelines etc for each of the Other Medicare Required Assessments. ... [more]

ECP MDS 3.0 Toolbox on Compact Disc Excel and PDF formats

You've asked and we've listened! Many have requested that we make our MDS 3.0 Toolbox (compiled by nationally known MDS 3.0-RAI expert Joel VanEaton) available as a separate sale item and we are now pleased to do so. You get these materials both in hard copy and on compact disk. It's all here, and at a great price. You receive: ... [more]

Individual Toolbox item MDS 3.0 PPS Scheduling Calendar Individual Toolbox item MDS 3.0 PPS Scheduling Calendar (Excel) - $79.97

Tired of counting Medicare benefit days out on your fingers and toes? Now with all of the additional assessments CMS requires you would need a few extra hands and feet. Take the headache and guesswork out of the PPS scheduling process with the ECP MDS 3.0 Toolbox PPS Scheduling Calendar. With this product you will receive: ... [more]

Individual Toolbox item Color Enhanced MDS 3.0 Item Data Set (PDF) - $39.97

This ECP exclusive is a color enhanced version of MDS 3.0 with color codes that will help you easily identify Care Area Triggers, Reimbursement related data set items, Quality Measures as well as the newly released 5-Star Quality Measures. ... [more]

Individual Toolbox item CAT Crosschecker (PDF) - $14.97

The Exclusive ECP CAT Crosschecker is a handy reference for those who want to increase their understanding and agility regarding how the MDS 3.0 data set items work to trigger the Care Area Assessments ... [more]

Individual Toolbox item Facility Specific Individualized RUG IV 66 Grouper Rate Tables (PDF) - $9.97

ECP's exclusive RUG IV 66 Grouper Rate Table was designed as a ready reference for those needing a quick way to access all 66 RUG groups with facility specific rate information in a single handy document ... [more]

Joel VanEaton Personal Consultation Subscription Plan

The creator of several nationally known best selling MDS educational and staff development programs Joel VanEaton, BSN, RN, RAC-CT is ready to personally go to work for your nursing facility!

Have your own special long-term care consultant available when and where you need him. Joel VanEaton has over 16 years experience in the Long-Term Care Industry serving as a facility MDS coordinator and as the MDS, Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement Consultant to several nursing facilities nationwide. Joel also teamed up with the Georgia Health Care Association since 2010 touring the state to give a series of seminars on the changes in MDS 3.0 and RUG-IV. Joel has also done numerous national webinars on a variety of important MDS/RAI/PPS topics. He's also the MDS 3.0 product creator and education coordinator for Extended Care Products Inc., and has developed such critically-acclaimed programs as It's Time to Get Going with MDS 3.0-RUG IV and MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success. Nursing facilities from across the country have invested in these programs and have raved about their attention to detail and easy-to-follow information ... [more]

Individualized Webinar Offerings on MDS 3.0-RAI Issues and Challenges

Available exclusively, Extended Care Products and nationally known MDS 3.0 expert Joel VanEaton, BSN, RN, RAC-CT, CPRA are ready to tailor a personalized educational and instructive webinar to meet any challenges and issues your nursing facility or healthcare company may be facing ... [more]

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